NOT Another Piano Book:

How everything that stopped you playing like a Piano Legend so far… shouldn’t!

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Not Another Piano Book

NOT Another Piano Book is a piano book…

But it’s NOT Another Piano Book.


This is a book that shows you that playing piano IS achievable…

for YOU. 


plus postage (£3.50 within the UK)

“This will succeed where so many others have failed!”

(Dr Mark Mynett, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Production, University of Huddersfield)

BBC Radio Newcastle Book Week Interview – with Alfie Joey, November 2020

Would you love to play piano? 

Why have you never got started? Or why did you start and give up?

You think it’s too hard?
You think it’s too expensive?
You think you don’t have time?
You think you’re too old?
You think you’ll never be able to do it because you didn’t master it when you were young?

Not any more!

In my career I’ve worked with everyone from the BBC to Faye Tozer, famous metal bands to Lenny Henry, and amongst that I’ve successfully taught hundreds of people to play piano

Now I’m going to show YOU that it IS possible to have a hobby that allows you to chill out and feel a real sense of achievement,
in way less time than you think.

Classic Songs Unlocked

PS I’ll be giving you a free video piano course with your book purchase too.

Like I said… NOT Another Piano Book!

 “The furthest from a stuffy approach it is possible to be”

(Jo Quail, internationally acclaimed composer and virtuoso cellist)


“Go from absolutely nothing to playing music in a couple of hours”
(James McFetrich, Piano Legends Member)


“OMG I gotta get me a piano!”
(Darren Tucker, shortly before becoming a Piano Legends Member!)